11th EAEA Envisioning Architecture: Design, Evaluation, Communication Conference in 2013

Track 2 | Experiential Simulation | The sensory perception of the built environment

A multilayered approach on urban experience through parallax view

Ayşe Zeynep Aydemir

Keywords: parallax; urban experience; multiplicity


The paper presents a one year study that deals with the emergent multiple character of the urban environment of metropolis. Besides examining the city, discourse of this research has an intention to initiate a new understanding for the cities that we live in, adopt and transform through multi-layered character of the parallax view with an aim to explore the urban experiences. In order to represent the differences rather than the similarities in the city, the study approaches to the interrelation of the city and the urban dweller, underlining multi-layered conditions and the diversity through multiple experiments of urban experiences that have taken place in Istanbul case. Three parallel experiments were held respectively real-time, collaborative and literal for the same site to collect multiple views of urban dwellers. In real-time experiment 6 participants walked around the site with a recording camera. In collaborative experiment, participants marked the traces of their experiences of the same site on a non-layered common online map. And finally in literal experiment, novels of Orhan Pamuk are examined for his fictional and real memories of the same site. Since these specific experiments have an intention to transform the multiple urban data without a reduction but with an interpretation, it is clear that the study favours the subjectivity of urban life (Fig. 1). The reproducible and transformable outcomes and methodology of the suggested experiments imitate this subjective and multiple behaviour of urban environment, expecting to lead similar design behaviours.



Ayşe Zeynep Aydemir

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Ayse Zeynep Aydemir holds B.Arch (2008) and M.Arch (2011) from Istanbul Technical University. In her master studies she focused on initiating a new understanding for approaching to the cities of today through multi-layered character of parallax view. She has participated in several international and national competitions and instructed workshops, exhibitions and organizations. Currently, she is working as a research and teaching assistant and is a Ph.D candidate in Architectural Design program at ITU.

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