AR4CUP 2020 H2020

Current status  Ongoing (January 2020 / December 2020)
Funding programme  EU Horizon 2020 EIT Digital
Project budget  €563.406 (Labsimurb budget €214.991)

Keywords  Augmented Reality, Experiential Simulation, Co-Creation, Urban Design


AR4CUP   « Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning »

Project Overview – 2020

AR4CUP-2020 project is part of H2020 EIT Digital (Digital Cities) EU Project. While AR4CUP-2019 goal is to pre-assess urban design projects from the final users’ perspective, the AR4CUP-2020 enables the analysis and assessment of the district-community existing context starting from citizens’ perceptions. Indeed, the service will enable an up-to-date overview of a district-community through the eyes of citizens, the major experts of their neighborhood. The app will answer Real Estate, Architectural Firms, and Public Administrations’ need to assess the district socio-urban condition in order to define a proper design brief before investing. The AR4CUP-2020 speeds up design briefing\conception, saving costs and time, and it leads to contextually based solutions while generating the first
engagement on the urban project, thus reducing the risk of failure. Citizens will be involved in the process from the very beginning (virtuous circle – 3P model). 

The app is grounded on the achievements of the previous year from the technical and contents perspective: it is its natural development. The contents shift from the design solution appraisal (AR4CUP-2019) to the today condition appraisal (AR4CUP-2020) for informing investments and design conception. Variables will be (at least partially) consistent for allowing the comparison of users’ perception before (today condition) and after the design project (future condition).

Team, partners, and stakeholders

The partners involved are: Artefacto (FR), Politecnico di Milano with Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Fausto Curti, VTT and Covivio, Sitowiswe, City of Evran, Rennes Metropole.

LABSIMURB TEAM \ Barbara Piga (POLIMI coordinator), responsible for the co-design methodology for urban design applications, and the app mockup
Team: Marco Boffi, Giulio Faccenda, Gabriele Stancato
Research Structure: Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Fausto Curti

News, outputs and other materials

Video presenting the AR4CUP 2020 project

Previous project: AR4CUP 2019

AR4CUP 2019 Pilot Case Study Application “Experiencing VITAE

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