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Welcome to our survey on the subjective experience of the urban environment in three prominent UK cities!

In this survey, we aim to better understand people’s feelings and impressions towards streets within three cities in the United Kingdom (Glasgow, London, and Winchester). This survey is being conducted by the University of Strathclyde, PLACE LOGIC, University of Milan, and Politecnico di Milano.

Why Your Participation Matters:
Your insights are invaluable in shaping our understanding of how spaces in our cities influence our impressions, emotions, and willingness to walk. This information will be used to inform an ongoing research project between the University of Strathclyde and PLACE LOGIC which aims to develop a tool to assess how walkable existing and new place are.

What to Expect:
From the architectural appearance to the quality of the built environment, we'll delve into how different elements impact your perception and mood. Please note there are no expectations regarding the number of pictures you should assess and you can end the session at any time.


Get Started:
After a few questions about you, you will be shown a series of panoramic images. Please explore each image by clicking and dragging the viewpoint with your mouse and once you have a clear idea of your surroundings, click on the camera icon and answer the questions.


Your Privacy Matters:
Your anonymity is paramount to us, and no personally identifiable information will be collected during the survey (please refer to the links below to the complete documentation for more details).


Thank you for your participation!

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