11th EAEA Conference - Proceeding Index


making the invisible visible


Strategies for the multivariate representation of micro-environmental design space. Considerations on parallel coordinates plot

Gian Luca Brunetti

Representation, identity and sustainable design in the urban texture

Tiziana Cardinale, Marianna Calia

Representing local self-sustainability

Matteo Clementi, Gianni Scudo

Visualizing urban design conditions for sustainable social practices in urban centres

Deirdre Greaney

Conceptualizing energy performance-based design: a case of social housing

Manuela Ianni

A unified tool to design and define Architectural Sustainability 2.0

Emanuele Naboni

Achieving sustainability through a cyclical process of evaluation and adjustment: a support system for urban design

Emma Puerari, Eugenio Morello

Applied visualization methods for building information models with heterogeneous sources

Helga Tauscher, Raimar J. Scherer

Making the publicness of public spaces visible: from space syntax to the star sodel of public space

Georgiana Varna, Damiano Cerrone

Visualizing building performance in the design of the envelope

Rodrigo Velasco, Aaron Brakke


Local identity in slow city movement: a case-study in Taraklı

Derya Adıgüzel, Selcen Nur Erikci

From ballroom to dead end. Correlation between accessibility and illumination in street lightening

Damiano Cerrone, Kristjan Männigo, Daniel Giovannini, Helen Pau

Eco habitat Odivelas

Filipa Correia, Margarida Louro, Filipa Roseta

A study of optimization of the light shelf system in hot and arid zones

Daich Safa, Saadi Med Yacine, Zemmouri Noureddine, Selatnia Khaled

Disease and its milieu: the Hôtel-Dieu of Montreal, two complementary approaches

Leila Tissaoui, Marie-Josèphe Vallée


the sensorial perception of the built environment


Taming Sari’s virtual living-street museum

Rashidah Ab. Rahman, Mohd. Saufi Zakaria, Nur Amzar Mhd Noor, Nik Mohd Faizal Nik Yaakob, Ahmad Faizal Kamaruddin, Fatimah Norain Ismail, Farah Hanna Ahmad Fuad

Digitizing the new image of the city: towards an easier wayfinding

Adham Mohamed Hany Abulnour

Users’ perceptions about planning and design of public open spaces: a case study of Muscat

Hanan Aljabri, Harry Smith

On the design of architectural spatial experiences using immersive simulation

Antonieta Angulo

A multilayered approach on urban experience through parallax view

Ayşe Zeynep Aydemir

A phenomenological study of spatial experiences without sight and critique of visual dominance in architecture

Burcin Basyazici-Kulac, Mari Ito-Alpturer

Boat • Building • Water

Cameron Campbell

Designing and assessing the living experience from brief to use

Carolina Coelho

Envisioning architecture interiors through model photography: Caruso St John Architects

Pedro Engel

PerAR: augmented representation of the urban image in Beyoğlu district, Istanbul

Ilgi Hacihasanoglu, Sinan Mert Sener

Moments of experience in urban design projects

Mine Hashas-Degertekin

Merging boundaries, techniques and experiences

Mine Hashas-Degertekin, Murat Sahin

Designing ‘pre-reflective’ architecturem

Andrea Jelić

The impact of the physical environment on patient’s psycho-social perception

Kumari Periyandavar Meena

The effects of acoustic environment on pedestrians’ anxiety on a night street

Ryuzo Ohno, Tokuko Matsuda

A sense-archive of urban space

Barbara E.A. Piga, Laura Cibien, Anna Legnani, Simona Mungo, Davide Zappa, Valerio Signorelli, Eugenio Morello

Perceptual simulation for urban design: its use for developing and sharing urban design guidelines

Barbara E.A. Piga, Eugenio Morello

Emotional geography & soundscape studies: beyond the cognitive approach in (sound)mapping urban spaces

Antonella Radicchi

Biophysical and cultural nightscapes: the three protocols for sensorial perception and representation of an artificial day

Pauline Robert, Georges Farhat

Soundwalking in virtual ambiances. Applying game engine technologies in soundscape studies

Valerio Signorelli

Perceptual experience and its role architectural design decision making

Stephen Temple

Feeling the urban project: the use of virtual reality for a perceptual approach of the urban climatic environment

Toinon Vigier, Daniel Siret, Guillaume Moreau, Laurent Lescop

Multitasking behaviour: residential experience and behavioral pattern in high-rise housing flat

Wang Leirah, Dhima Sari, Ma Steven


Sensory architecture in silent vision: an investigation through designing public architectural spaces for visually impaired users

Asgari Zeynab

Design process: a role of soundscape perception in spatial ambience evaluation

Zuzanna Bogucka

Towards digitally enhanced interaction with architectural representation

Aaron Brakke, Oscar Herrera, Hernando Leon

A study about the influence of visible and invisible factors on environmental perception: case study traditional sites of Shiraz, Iran

Mohammadmehdi Heydari, Hamed Ghasemi, Mohammad Moezzi, Fatemeh Karbasi, Afshin Bahrami

Visual ranges and landscape color assessments

Takayuki Kumazawa

Tool for the design of day lighting in the building (LPS 1.05)

Mohamed Yacine Saadi, Safa Daich, Noureddine Zemmouri


exploring the layout of the built environment


Is it all about Hand Drawing?

Faredah Al-Murahhem

Interactive urban analytics: time, place & data

Jeffrey Balmer, Wenwen Dou, William Ribarsky, Eric Sauda

Transformation of typology over time: welcome to Albuquerque

Genevieve Baudoin, Bruce Johnson

Notational systems / Transforming infrastructures

Genevieve Baudoin

Time space

Cameron Campbell

Mind the gap: drawing (out) place and experience in design media

Vincent B. Canizaro

The drawing as a knowledge instrument

Domenico Chizzoniti, Matteo Noviello, Gaia Preta, Letizia Cattani, Luca Preis

Telltale: visualizing the use and perception of cities through digital traces

Paolo Ciuccarelli, Giorgia Lupi, Davide Eynard, Fabio Manfredini, Matteo Matteucci, Giorgio Caviglia, Paolo Dilda, Fabio Marfia, Matteo Azzi

Program, diagram and experience. An inquiry on OMA’s architectural images

Fabio Colonnese, Marco Carpiceci

Towards a visualization of attractiveness: urban centrality as a multifactorial process

Valerio Cutini, Giovanni Rabino

Le Corbusier, Marcel Griaule, and the Modern Movement: exploring the habitat from the airplane

Elisa Dainese

Topological infrastructure analysis of the built environment

Anders Holden Deleuran, Christian Derix

Visibility polygon traversal algorithm

Åsmund Izaki, Christian Derix

Trajectories of the hollow stone: representational strategies for visualizing the integrated structural space frame

Bruce Johnson

Experience & analysis: composite drawing to reveal complex urban transformation

Bruce Johnson, Genevieve Baudoin

Visualising "Genius Loci" of built heritage

Anetta Kepczynska-Walczak, Bartosz Walczak

Graphic modeling to develop abstraction, meaning and concept

Thomas M. Lesko

Thinking it through: the importance of study sketches and the implications for design education

Michael J. McGlynn

Coloring the patchwork metropolis

Carlo Pisano

Adding users’ dimension to BIM

Davide Simeone, Davide Schaumann, Yehuda E. Kalay, Gianfranco Carrara

Model & scale as conceptual devices in architectural representation

Martijn Stellingwerff, Peter Koorstra

Graphic representation and processing techniques for form and space analysis

M. Saleh Uddin

Visualization tools for self-representation in healthcare design

Frederick M.C. Van Amstel, Timo Hartman, Mascha C. Van der Voort, Geert P.M.R. Dewulf


Revisiting semiotics research beginnings: the case of the generative design program in the institute for architecture and urban studies in the early seventies

Bruno Gil

‘Invisibility and informality’: the logic of urban growth in the fastest evolving mega city ‘Dhaka’

Hossain G.M.A. Balayet

Painting architecture: visual modes of spatial thinking

Agnieszka Mlicka

Map(p)/ing sju

Paolo Sanza

Mapping interconnected systems - Visual research into potential manipulations of site

Antje Steinmuller