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From the academic year 2023/24, a new Ambassador course is being introduced!






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This course is intricately linked to the
exp-EIA© (experiential – Environmental Impact Assessment)

method developed with UNIMI in the European projects:



Horizon 2020 | EIT Digital – Digital Cities

      • AR4CUP2020 \ Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning” (informing urban design briefs)
      • AR4CUP2019  \ Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning (assessing urban design projects)

The course is also related to the POLIMI Research Laboratories:


The course aims to provide participants with a systemic understanding of the complex relationship between humans and the environment through an interdisciplinary approach that combines architecture, biomedical sciences, and environmental psychology. Understanding the intricate dynamics connecting people and the environment over time is crucial for analyzing and designing habitats analytically. This facilitates an inclusive, evidence-based approach in a design-for-all framework.

Participants will gain innovative and integrated skills applicable across various sectors, with a focus on urban planning and architectural design. The course imparts expertise in interdisciplinary tools, including the measurement systems of physiological variables and quantitative analysis of emotions, as well as environmental psychology measures to comprehend the person-environment relationship from an emotional-cognitive perspective within the logic of sensory urban design.

Spatialized measurements will enable the generation of geographies of lived experience, targeted based on socio-demographic variables (e.g., gender, age, familiarity with the place). This analysis enhances understanding of the actual experience of places, aiding in identifying salient elements and relevant considerations for drafting design briefs and intervention strategies.

Similarly, through experiential simulations employing Augmented and Virtual Reality associated with the proposed investigative method, students will develop mappings providing reasonable anticipation of user reactions to designed environments. The proposed method allows measuring the physical and psychological well-being conditions associated with existing (or virtual) urban environments, validating the effectiveness of certain design solutions or choices from the users’ experiential perspective.

Students will be tasked with conducting applied research projects, experimenting with the use of these tools and the combination of physiological and psychological data to support urban transformation processes. Environmental, physiological, and psychological data collection campaigns will be conducted, analyzing the relationship between these factors to provide a strategic design direction.

What is the PoliMI Ambassador program?

The PoliMI Ambassador program is a master’s degree training that integrates studies with thematic paths for acquiring interdisciplinary tools and methods. This program fosters the development of a systemic vision and the ability to operate in multisectoral contexts.
PoliMI Ambassador high training paths are designed to cultivate professionals in fields such as Green Technologies, Smart Infrastructures, Inclusivity Design, and Creative Thinking. The objective is to empower students, elevating their skills, proficiency in a diverse array of interdisciplinary tools and methods, and fostering a comprehensive systemic perspective.

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