MUSA Urban Regeneration, Cities of the Future

Current status  Ongoing (Septemebr 2022 / August 2025)
Funding programme  Next Generation EU – PNRR – Ecosistemi dell’Innovazione – Spoke 1
Project budget  €1.5M (POLIMI – labsimurb budget €700.000)

Keywords  Urban Regeneration, SaaS (Software as a Service), Experiential Simulation, Decision Support System

MUSA Urban Regeneration – Action “4P Phygital Platform”

The Action “4P Phygital Platform” will lead to the release of the Phygital (Physical + Digital) platform, a SAAS (Software as a Service) solution that favors the “Public–Private–People partnership” (4P), facilitating the collaborative shaping of sustainable urban regenerations policies and actions with an environment- and human-centered approach. The platform is conceived with an eco-systemic approach enabling the collection of objective environmental data (e.g. from sensors and databases) and subjective personal data in aggregated form (e.g., mobile devices, wearables, questionnaires). The combination of the physical environmental data and the personal\community experience over time enables a comprehensive understanding favoring decision-making at different scales of intervention. User-friendly data representation (from cartographic to eye-level views) fosters synergies between different disciplinary perspectives to support stakeholders’ confrontation and collaboration.

Team, partners, and stakeholders

List of partners: Partners – Musa (

LABSIMURB TEAM \ Barbara Piga (POLIMI coordinator), responsible for the overall project and methodology for urban regeneration applications, and interdisciplinary collaborations.
Team: Gabriele Stancato, Shangyu Lou
Research Structure: Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Fausto Curti