Research Fellow

November 2023 | WE ARE HIRING!

Join us in the PRIN-funded project: “MED4PED: Mobility Experience Decision support system for pre-assessing PEDedestrian walkability”. This interdisciplinary research delves into environmental and experiential data analysis from physical and simulated environments in Augmented or Virtual Reality. The goal is to inform cutting-edge design solutions!

Here is the link to the call:

Starting on February 2023.
Applications are due by December 18th, 2023
Scientific Coordinator: Barbara E. A. Piga



01/05/2022 | CALL FOR ARTICLES
Augmented Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for Cities
Special issue in the Urban Forestry & Urban Greening Journal

Guest Editors:
Israa Mahmoud, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Eugenio Morello, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Adriano Bisello, Eurac, Bolzano, Italy
Dionysia Kolokotsa, Technical University of Crete, Greece.

Important dates:
Submission portal opens from: May 1st, 2022
Full paper submission deadline: January 31st, 2023
Short title to select during submission: Augmented NBS for Cities

Research Fellow

23/11/20WE ARE HIRING!
A one-year Research Fellow position on the topic of co-creation to support several up-running research projects “PROCESSI INCLUSIVI E DI CO-CREAZIONE DI SERVIZI E POLICY PER LA SOSTENIBILITÀ AMBIENTALE URBANA/IDEAZIONE E ATTIVAZIONE DI PROCESSI
Starting on 1st of February 2021.
Applications are due by December 14th 2020
Interview online on January 18th 2021


15/04/20 | WE ARE HIRING!
A new 1 year Research Assistant position
H2020 EU Project – EIT Digital AR4CUP- 2020
Starting in June 2020.
Applications are due by April 28th, 2020
Oral discussion May 14th, 2020

Due to the current pandemic situation, the collaboration will start in smart working

Call AR4CUP 2020: Co-Design


10/02/20 | WE ARE HIRING!
Research Assistant  \ Two positions of 1 year 

(H2020 EU Project – EIT Digital “AR4CUP” 2020)
Starting in April 2020.
Applications are due by March 3rd, 2020.

Calls AR4CUP 2020: Co-Design \ Social Sciences and Humanities

International Workshop \ MOBIANCE 4

21/06/19 | 12/07/19
The call for participants to the 4th international workshop Mobiance is now open! Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the host institution

CFU 2 \ N. of POLIMI Students 4 (CV-Portfolio selection)
More info about the previous Mobiance 2017 workshop at POLIMI:
POLIMI coordinator Barbara Piga (labsimurb)


08/03/19 | WE ARE HIRING!
A new 1 year Research Assistant position
(H2020 EU Project – EIT Digital “AR4CUP“)
Starting in May 2019.
Applications are due by April 1st, 2019.

[More info here IT – EN]


06/11/18 | WE ARE HIRING!
A new post-doc research fellowship for 1 year
(H2020 EU Project – EIT Digital “AR4CUP“)
Starting in January 2019.
Applications are due by November 26th 2018.

[More info here ENIT]


New internship positions available for Polimi students; in particular:
research work on environmental and climate GIS analysis; support in co-design activities with local communities in Milano.


03/04/18 | WE ARE HIRING!
A new post-doc research fellowship for 1 year.
Starting on June 1st 2018.
Applications are due by April 26th 2018.

[More info here]

Call for book chapters

experiencing, interpreting, representing the (multisensory) environment
Barbara E. A. Piga, Daniel Siret, Jean-Paul Thibaud (Eds.)

Call for BOOK chapters contributions on Experiential Walk for fundamental, applied or action research on the topic of experiential walks for investigating the urban sensory environment. By collecting theories and case studies applications the goal of this book is twofold: on one side it aims at presenting an overview of the applications of environmental walks through the lenses of different disciplines, on the other side it depicts an interdisciplinary framework of theories and practice on the subject. By doing this, it aims at showing possible bridges among the various approaches in order to inspire a mutual influence and to encourage interdisciplinary perspectives in research, education, and the professional practice.

05.03.2018 Deadline of the Note of Interest
30.03.2018 Abstract submission

22/01/18 | Call for papers: Special issue on ‘Sharing Cities Shaping Cities’ in Urban Science 


24/01/2018Internship opportunity at labsimurb on the project Sharing Cities. Required: organizational skills, graphic/communication skills (Illustrator mainly). Good Italian language is a plus. Period: starting in February.


27/03/2018 | MSc Thesis on Mitigation/adaptation to climate change
Level: Master of Science \ Language: English; written Italian required.
Eligibility: attended a course or internship with the supervisor
Topic:  The Laboratory of Climate Change, Risks and Resilience (CCRR-Lab) in collaboration with labsimurb proposes the drafting of two or more thesis on the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, with particular deepening of heat waves. The thesis will be developed within the research activities that are carried out by the CCRR-Lab and the students could take advantage of the relationships with Italian and foreign partners of these researches. The thesis will deal with one or more analytical, representative, evaluative, planning and design aspects of mitigation/adaptation to climate change.
Context: spatial analysis, environmental modeling
Keywords: climate change, mitigation, adaptation, urban heat island, SDG13, SDG11
Supervisor: Eugenio Morello | Co-supervisors: Marcello Magoni, Rachele Radaelli
Timing: starting in Spring 2018, approx. length six months (min.)
Internship: possibility to join the internship at CCRR-Lab


24/01/2018 | MSc Thesis on Co-design methods for urban regeneration between participation and e-participation
Level: Master of Science \ Language: English
Eligibility: attended a course or internship with the supervisor
Topic: Several co-design methods have been applied to drive and facilitate urban regeneration processes towards higher level of social acceptance of physical transformations. Collaborative design, participation, e-participation and many more approaches provide different opportunities to facilitate inclusive process of urban regeneration. A critical exploration of different methods will lead to the construction of a taxonomy of tools and devices available in order to offer to faciltators guidelines to set up processes to be tailored on the basis of local resources and available assets.
Context: co-design, participatory planning in international and national context
Keywords: co-design, participatory planning, e-participation, policy innovation, SDG9, SDG11
Supervisor: Eugenio Morello | Co-supervisor: to be defined
Timing: starting in Spring 2018, approx. length six months (min.)
Internship: possibility to join the internship at Labsimurb
Planned activities: Exploring co-design methods available to urban regeneration; critical understanding of co-design approaches; construction of a taxonomy; considerations on policy innovation of design and planning processes.