Soundwalk Milano

Labsimurb will join The Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks that will take place in September 2019 in multiple cities worldwide to celebrate the Sound Walk Sunday 2019. Starting on September 1st 2019 and continuing during the month, 19 Hush City Soundwalks will be guided by different soundwalk leaders in multiple locations worldwide, using the Hush City app.

Registration – How to join us!
If you are interested to participate, please, register here:

Aim of the Hush City Soundwalks for SWS2019: Celebrate the Sound Walk Sunday 2019, by soundwalking in search of quiet areas, and map & assess them with the Hush City app.



Friday, 20 September 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Meeting place: Milano, viale Tibaldi 41, in front of the Municipio 5

  • Introduction to the activity on field and purpose
  • Soundwalk (about 1.5 km): participants will be guided along the route and stop at established stations, i.e. the quiet areas. Here, participants are asked to actively listen to the environment for 1-3 minute/s in silence. Afterwards, they are invited to use the Hush City app to map & assess the quiet areas.
  • A final group discussion is intended to share impressions when the experience is still vivid.

Before starting – Tips

  • Data collected with the Hush City app during the Soundwalk: Data is linked in real time to the Hush City Map and is ready to be further explored and discussed with the participants.
  • HushCityApp-Tip #1: Hush City is a free, citizen science mobile app to identify, map and evaluate quiet areas, available for iOS and Android smartphones since April 2017. Prior to the start of the activity, download and install on your smartphone the free Hush City app.
  • HushCityApp-Tip #2: Make sure to not record your own and/or the participants’ voice/s when using the app. Also, avoid headshots, when taking pictures with the app.
  • Sound-Tip #1: During the soundwalk, if possible, walk & stay silent. This can be challenging and perceived as frustrating by the participants, especially if they are not used to meditative practice.
  • Sound-Tip #2: It may happen that you and/or the participants find yourself/ves listening to your thoughts. To re-tune into the environment, focus on breathing and listen to a sound that you like.
  • Comfort-Tip: Wear soft soled shoes for the soundwalk
  •  Media-Tip: Share with us your experience! On Twitter, use: @HushCityapp @walk_sound @museumofwalking #SWS19 #HushCitySoundwalks.
  • SWS2019-Tips: Safety is of the utmost importance. Make sure the routes you have chosen are not hazardous, or that your soundwalk does not include defamatory content, or third-party content for which you have not got permission to use.

Reference Persons & Soundwalk LeadersEugenio Morello & Antonella Radicchi