Israa Mahmoud

Staff – Assistant Professor – NBFC Fellow

Israa is a Polyglot urban planner and architect, she speaks English, Italian, French Fluently and Arabic is her mother tongue. She holds a Ph.D. in “Sociability of Public spaces and Placemaking approach as key drivers for Cultural-Based Urban Regeneration processes.” Learning case study: Northend Park, Rose Kennedy Green Way, Boston Massachusetts, USA.” She is passionate about Public Spaces and their value in our everyday lives.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from Architectural Engineering Dept. Alexandria University of Egypt with a major on Urban Design. Whereas, she was teaching as an assistant lecturer for four years and leading students’ groups as an academic adviser. After earning her MSc degree in 2013 with a 3.97 CGPA about psychological and environmental urban design, in a collaboration program with Michigan state University and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany, she was invited in 2014 as distinguished junior academic member to Manchester University in Uk to audit a Summer School on sustainable urbanism. In 2015, she started her PhD in Urban Regeneration and Economic Development in Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Italy whereas she was invited to UN-Habitat Future of Places Conference in Stockholm to speak on her public spaces research. Later, in 2016 she pursued her PhD graduate courses in Northeastern University of Boston MA, with a 3.67 CGPA. Starting 2017, she took part of an European Commission – MARIE-CURIE Action funded Horizon 2020  Project  – GA # 645651 – MAPS-LED Project as an (ESR) early stage researcher where she studied “public spaces and their social innovation relationship with cultural Districts” in San Diego state University, CA, USA.

Now she is the research team leader together with Prof. Eugenio Morello on CLEVER Cities Project – Funded by the European Commission – Horizon 2020 Funded Project – GA#776604 as an expert of Co-creation guidance for cities to implement Nature-based solutions in socially inclusive urban regeneration processes.  She lectures about Nature-based solutions in Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design, Leonardo campus; as well as Master of Sustainable architecture and Landscape design, Piacenza campus. 

Lastly, she co-leaded the Greening Cities, Shaping Cities international symposium  with Eugenio Morello in Politecnico di Milano, October 2020. As scientific dissemination from the symposium, she also co-leads a special issue on Sustainability journal, see 

In addition to a series of Seminars on Nature-based solutions at DAStU, Polimi 

She, also, works as a reviewer for specialized scientific journals on urban planning such as Climate Services, Ambio, Sustainability section on urban planning, Common Ground on urban and extra urban studies, Cogent series of social science, arts and Humanities in USA and ‘Territorio’ in Italy. Meantime, supervises several Masters and Doctoral students thesis research on Nature-based solutions and implementation case studies in urban and metropolitan areas. 

She Lately, won the Emerging Scholar Award for attending and chairing sessions in Thirteenth International Conference on The Constructed Environment for the special focus Human/Nature- towards a reconciliation in 2022/2023 cycle.

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Recent Publications

Bradley, S.; Mahmoud, I.H.; Arlati, A. (2022) Integrated Collaborative Governance Approaches towards Urban Transformation: Experiences from the CLEVER Cities Project. Sustainability, 14, 15566.

Placemaking for Green Urban Regeneration

Mahmoud, I.H., (2022). Placemaking for Green Urban regeneration.  Monograph In the Urban Design book series – Springer –ISBN: 978-3-031-15408-9



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Mahmoud I. and Morello E. (2020), Are Nature-based solutions the answer to urban sustainability dilemma? The case of CLEVER Cities CALs within the Milanese urban context.”, Atti della XXII Conferenza Nazionale SIU. L’Urbanistica italiana di fronte all’Agenda 2030. Portare territori e comunità sulla strada della sostenibilità e della resilienza, Matera-Bari 5-6-7 giugno 2019, Planum Publisher, Roma-Milano, pp. 1322-1327.

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