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Submission Deadline 30.8.’20 23:59 (UTC+7)
Total Prize $5.500

How should we shape our city for the unknown future? How can architecture, urban design, and planning respond to the resilience of the city during and after the pandemic outbreak?
This are the questions to answer within the international competition “Future city: Smart design for post-pandemic world”.  Participants are asked to look at the existing urban built environment and imagine how it should cope with future pandemic. Participants are free to transform existing areas or propose a new design on a site of their choice. Participants need to apply unique strategies and creative designs to tackle the disease crisis, taking technology development into account. This competition encourages participants to be bold and think outside the box.
The competition is launched by Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM), University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city (UEH) in partnership with University of Architecture Hochiminh city,
Hochiminh city University of Technology, Handong Global University, Technical University of Mandalay, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Politecnico di Milano (DAStU), Le Cnam, University of Melbourne. The competition is sponsored by HTE Global Co. Ltd, Handong Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd., and Korea Institute of Building Energy Technology.
POLIMI Responsible Person: Barbara E. A. Piga (DAStU – labsimurb)

12-13/10/2020 | Greening Cities – Shaping Cities Symposium
The proposed  symposium (to be held at the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, DASTU) aims to address how greening strategies such as the integration of nature and Nature-based Solutions (NBS) into the built environment encounters opportunities and challenges in shaping cities in terms of transformation, occurring both in the domains of morphology and governance, through  inclusive co-production of space.
The call for papers is out now on four main themes and emerging questions:

1. Spatial challenges of NBS implementation in practice
2. Sharing governance and Capacity Building for NBS
3. Mainstreaming NBS in urban planning policies and decision-making processes
4. Citizen engagement in urban greening processes and co-design experiences of NBS

Deadlines on Scientific call for Abstracts is July 7th, 2020. (Using this template). Attending the symposium is free of charge and publications costs will be waived for selected full papers upon a double-blind peer review process, see our Scientific Committee here.  For any requested information, contact us at 

16/12/2019 | AR4CUP Pilot Case Study Application: “Experiencing VITAE

Lunedi 16 Dicembre 2019 (11.00 – 14.30)
Auditorium dell’HQ Fastweb
piazza Olivetti 1 – Milano 

Il progetto europeo “AR4CUP: Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning” verrà applicato in fase sperimentale su “VITAE” (Reinventing Cities) durante l’evento dedicato “Experiencing VITAE”, organizzato da labsimurb (B.Piga) con Covivio.

Semperverde is an event aimed at contributing to the greening of Milan and the metropolitan city, enhancing currently latent urban resources and spaces, such as public residential stock, schools and hospitals, peripheral contexts and production areas.

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Labsimurb will join The Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks that will take place in September 2019 in multiple cities worldwide to celebrate the Sound Walk Sunday 2019. Starting on September 1st 2019 and continuing during the month, 19 Hush City Soundwalks will be guided by different soundwalk leaders in multiple locations worldwide, using the Hush City app. Attend our walk in Milano!

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The call for participants to the 4th international workshop Mobiance is now open! 
Call for participation Deadline 12.07.2019 POLIMI INNOVATIVE TEACHING \ CFU 2 \ N. of POLIMI Students 4 (CV-Portfolio selection)
More info about the previous Mobiance 2017 workshop at POLIMI (Milan) at
Mobiance 2017 outcomes at
POLIMI coordinator Barbara Piga (labsimurb)

We are glad to announce that labsimurb belongs to the partnership of the winning project VITAE!
CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati – Habitech – Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
labsimurb team: Barbara Piga Eugenio Morello

The VITAE project will be the pilot case study of the labsimurb H2020 EU project AR4CUP (Coordinator B. Piga)

8-14/04/2019 | labsimurb at Fuorisalone 2019!
INTERNI – HUMAN SPACES: URBAN ISLANDS at Università degli Studi di Milano, via Festa del Perdono 7, Cortile della Ghiaccia.

It will be possible to virtually experience the via Celoria redesign proposal “Ri-pensiamo via Celoria

labsimurb team: Barbara Piga (project leader) Elia Luongo Andrea Premoli

UNIMI – BAC team: Paolo Inghilleri (project leader) Marco Boffi Nicola Rainisio

11/01/2019   | Energy & Urban Planning Open Day: Planning for a Green Urban transition \ Final review of the design projects developed by the students during the studio.  This year the studio has investigated the topic of diffusing and integrating Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in urban regeneration processes in the Milan area, in particular focusing the attention on Municipio 6 and the neighboring municipalities of the first ring as a case –study application.

07/11/2018  | Final workshop and presentation of the research project Cambiamenti Climatici e Territorio at the Metropolitan City of Milan (in Italian). Outcomes and future climate planning perspectives are going to be presented and discussed with experts and local actors.
Organized by Labsimurb Polimi and Planning Climate Change Lab IUAV.

11/09/2018 & 02/10/2018 | Course on climate planning offered in two days at the Metropolitan City of Milan (in Italian). This dissemination activity is part of the research project Cambiamenti Climatici e Territorio. More info on the calendar on the official webpage: Day 1 and Day 2.
Organized by Labsimurb Polimi and Planning Climate Change Lab IUAV.

02/05/2018 | labsimurb international seminar: Investigating the Urban Experience | The seminar explores the humans\environment relationship starting from the presentation of some case studies application.  Within the seminar prof. Peter Bosselmann from Berkeley University California will give a one-hour lecture titled “Response equivalence, comparing a real world experience to an experience of a digital media presentation”. For further information please contact:

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05-06/03/2018 | Sharing Cities Shaping Cities | A research symposium on collaborative consumption and urban rearrangements. Politecnico di Milano. Co-funded by Dastu and Sharing Cities.

12/01/2018 | Energy & Urban Planning Open Day: Urban transition towards the sharing, smart and sustainable city \ Final review of the design projects developed by the students during the studio, working on the regeneration of  the district “Milano Sharing Cities” Porta Romana – Vettabbia. Environmental, energy, mobility and social challenges are explored and translated into sustainable urban design solutions towards the sharing society paradigm.


20/06/2017 | International Concept and Design Competition Award Envisioning the City of the Future: Making the Invisible Visible 
The competition is an initiative promoted by labsimurb that aims at involving students, graduates and experts to imagine the city of the future. Participants are asked to imagine and design possible scenarios of the city of the future, starting from the values that the “sharing society” is promoting: How will smart and sharing cities look like in the future? How are these changes going to impact on people’s lives in cities? Competition Outcomes

27/02/2017 – 03/03/2017 | Mobiance 3 \ International Seminar and Workshop
The third edition of ‘Mobiance – Mobile Ambiances’ is hosted at Polimi and organized by labsimurb. The topic will be the envisioning of future urban atmosphere in the age of collaborative cities. Attendees will investigate how collaborative consumption in sharing cities will lead to new ambiances, generating unexpected man and environment relationships.

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